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I Burped
"Billy," he said, addressing me in a condescending tone, as was his usual persona around me in the clubhouse, "You burped."
Despite stating the obvious, I held back my witty retort concerning one of fiction's greatest detectives, I simply replied in earnest, "So I did." And left it at that.
Brandon was always one for confrontation, whether it be trivial or not. He became somewhat of a nuisance after I established my reputation in the Gentlemen's Club, but Envy always plays her hand when another shines above her. In this somewhat awkward moment, I felt even more annoyed at his silence, so I felt compelled to pile on the comeback.
"An apt observation, Watson."
It appears I could not hold back from using characters from literature, but I held true to refusing to mention Holmes. At least I would hold out a little bit longer. That was the plan, anyways.
"You insolent fool," Brandon said, becoming more annoyed, "Your reputation won't last. You can be Mr. Grajeda's pet for only so long. Mark
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Brandon L. @ MardiGlow 1 by Kickflip182 Brandon L. @ MardiGlow 1 :iconkickflip182:Kickflip182 1 2
A Fizz of Happiness
A man and a woman sit in a upscale lounge, a small circular table sits in the middle between them just tall enough for them to lean on; two glasses of champagne sit fizzing upon the table, and the man manages to squeeze out the words he's been trying to utter the whole evening.
"I was thinking about going to the vacation house this Christmas."
The woman looks back at the man, a slight longing look in her eyes. "That sounds like fun."
The man replies, "Well, I'd like to take you with me."
The woman raises her head from her lazy resting position. "Take me?"
The man chuckled, a little nervously, heat coming up from his chest. "Yeah. Just the two of us. Snow covered mountains, a ski lodge to ourselves...a roaring fire and hot chocolate to keep us warm at night-"
"You could just use me to keep you warm," the woman interjects.
The man perks up, "So you'll go? You'll come with me?"
The woman takes a sip of her champagne, sets it back down, and nonchalantly leans forward. "Of course I'l
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Mature content
Fighting Temptation :iconkickflip182:Kickflip182 0 2
Electric Solstice 12-26-11 by Kickflip182 Electric Solstice 12-26-11 :iconkickflip182:Kickflip182 1 3
What will we be without everything we have now?
Two more years until I reveal
Why will the sun take away one of man's achievements?
We depend on it too much now
We will fall!
If we stand together, we will prevail
This is what we feared long ago!
I know it will take time, but we will rebuild
This disaster is much too real
This isn't as easy as we would like to believe
We're weakening as a human race
But if we just believe, I know that we can make this real
This reconstruction will be real
We've got to give this all we've got!
We won't back down
We won't back down, we won't surrender
This is our home, we will stand together
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A Broken Waltz
I know a day will come
Where my life will suddenly stop
But that doesn't mean
I won't waltz
Not even Death himself
Could stop our dance now
Not even if
He had the heart
We sing in broken keys
We dance a jagged line
It's unorganized
But it's who we are
Sing (Sing!)
May we have our chorus ring out?
I know our imperfections
But that doesn't mean
We lack the heart
Let our limerick then be heard
Amongst the delicate crowd
We shed our love
We sing our song!
We sing in broken keys
We dance a jagged line
It's unorganized
But it's who we are
Aware of imperfections
Aware we're not the same
We'll all obey our
NO! (No!)
We won't give up!
We won't give in!
Won't cease our waltz!
NO! (No!)
We won't give up!
We won't give in!
Won't stop our song!
May we have our chorus ring out?
I know our imperfections
But that doesn't mean
We lack the heart
Let our limerick then be heard
Amongst the delicate crowd
We shed our love
We sing our song!
We sing in broken keys
We dance a jagged line
It's unorganized
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Last call!
I won't be deterred with
Such words!
I will prevail!
I look up to see that
My life's!
About to start!
Initial thoughts are useless
Don't speak before you act
I walk on top of broken glass
Given time, my wounds will heal
Consider this my renewal
I won't give up, I won't fall down
I won't fall down
This won't be the last time
You'll try to drag me down
I won't fall down!
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Take The Stage By Storm
Show up a quarter passed nine
Sign up at the door, and wait in line
I've got a long que ahead of me
Three hours, I sit and I watch
As every band just play their songs
And I seem to be getting restless now
But once they call my name, I'm ready to go
Step on the stage, and say that I'm no
Push over, I'm over again
And then!
I'll play the guitar, and scream into the microphone
There's nothing that could be more wonderful
Than losing yourself in doing what you love
Every lyric, and every chord
Makes the crowd just cheer for more
So tell me, what are we waiting for
C'mon, let's take the stage by storm
I meet up with friends at the venue
Marks on our hands, and minors in the bar room
I won't forget tonight so easily
Even if I mess it up, I'll still have fun
'Cause I'm about to play my songs
And I won't forget tonight
But once they call my name, I'm ready to go
Step on the stage, and say that I'm no
Push over, I'm over again
And then!
I'll play the guitar, and scream into the microphone
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Valentine's Card by Kickflip182 Valentine's Card :iconkickflip182:Kickflip182 0 6 DarkIceXIII poster 1 by Kickflip182 DarkIceXIII poster 1 :iconkickflip182:Kickflip182 1 8
You're My Juliet
Whispering in her ear, I pledge my undying love
For you, I'd do anything
Hand in hand on a moolit path
We look eye to eye, and see what's left
'Cause tonight, you're my Juliet
It doesn't matter who says what
It doesn't change anything we've got
There's nothing that we can't do
As long as I have you
Maybe we're growing old
But our hearts are still bright as gold
There's still plenty of time left
To profess our love again
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His Secret - 3
I found myself sitting in the classroom again the following week, eating lunch with Ken and Katie. Katie joined us every day for lunch, and during that time, we all became better friends, but for some reason, she still stutters and falls over her own words.
Not that I mind, though.
I kept pestering Ken about his fear ever since he announced it to us, trying to get a deeper explanation other than "I hate not knowing about things!" because that's a weak explanation. Right?
"Well what about 'a provincial life'? Isn't that a bit shady, too?" Ken defended himself.
"AHA! So there IS something else!" I exclaimed in triumph.
"Heh heh, so? If there is, what makes you think I'll say it? The deal was for us to share our fears, not why we fear our fears"
"Argh! There's no winning with you, is there?!"
"What's the deeper meaning behind yours? If you're lucky, I'll delve further into my fear."
Finally, a break!
"Have you seen Beauty and the Beast? The Disney movie? Listen to the first song in that,
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His Fear - 2
School has always been at the center of my whining for as long as I can remember, but when I finally graduate, and complain to myself about being bored all day at a five to nine job, I would wish to be back in the adolescent hallways I once dwelled in. Funny how life can flip your thinking around in a second, isn't it?
At any rate, it was back to high school for me, as I'm still fairly new here, I still wanted to familiarize myself with the campus. Being about half an hour early never hurt anyone, right?
I trecked along the sidewalk that lead up to the front entrance when I felt a tap on my shoulder.
"Hi there!"
I turned my head and saw Ken beaming at me, with his book bag over his shoulder, his uniform all tidy, blazer buttoned up and spiky hair all glowing in perfection as he worked his way next to me, matching my walking pace.
"What's up?" I replied.
After initially looking at him, I couldn't help but compare his attire to mine. My uniform was slightly wrinkled, tie loosened and shi
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A Helping Hand
It walked the bustling streets of New York City, shoving through crowds of busy people with places to go, things to do, appointments to keep. It never gave a second thought to the nature of it's existence. It was just a piece of junk, some people thought; a waste of space. No one cared to interact with it. All it got were glares of animosity, if anyone cared to even make eye contact with it. But it didn't bother it, for it thought it was a fine piece of technology.
A robot.
Hand-made by an old man in a basement.
Robots are common in this era. Artificial Intelligence, created to serve. But this particular robot had the ability to think for itself. It had no name, no place of residence, nothing to identify with. It just knew that it was fine the way it is.
But even so, there was something wrong with him. His arms were broken. If robots had elbows, that's what would be broken. It's forearms dangled lifelessly as it swung about its arms, the same way humans do as they walk. To and fro they
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Wake Up Call
How many times before have we broken down into dismay?
How many times will it take for us to learn?
That nothing comes easy, and remaining idle will disease
While we let disinclined suits control our economy
Who says that business has nothing to do with war
When we have arms dealers pushing bombs on our doors
Despite the fact that their business will destroy our Earth
They keep going their way, unmoved by our words
Either action on our part will cause them to be loyal
Or the results of their transactions to reach American soil
Reason isn't enough to reach the mind of corporation
We might as well give ourselves up to damnation
Forget about the money for a second and just listen
As we attempt to find a peaceful way to wrap up this conflict
One man alone won't be able to persuade
But if we stand together, we'll stand our ground every day
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So some stuff has been happening lately, and I can't really talk about it, but I just want you to know that I'm super stoked about it.
Though, due to this happening, I might not be able to go to Anime Expo this summer! Oh well, there's always next year.

I also got a chance to see August Burns Red, recently. It was lots of fun, and I went with my band mates. I even ran into an old friend there!

As far as DJing goes, I still have the anime convention coming up. I'm excited to perform there, and I can't wait to get into the DJ vibe again!

Also, if you've been following my DJing/electronic music, you know that I've retired the alias DARKICEXIII. I'm just known by my own name, because I want to keep all of my endeavors centralized to one name, rather than be spread out over so many aliases.
So if you want to keep up to date with my happenings, like my facebook page:…

And that's all I have to say for now. Until next time, friends!

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  • Reading: The Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya
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